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Straubcos performs primary research on the markets of which we practice. We keep a comprehensive database of all of Central Florida commercial real estate brokerages, investors, buyers, sellers, and tenants. We have an outstanding track record of assisting tenants in effectively subleasing unwanted or excess space. Straubco’s marketing penetration is on par with the largest and most sophisticated brokerages in Central Florida.

By leasing with Straubcos, tenants have the flexibility to grow into larger facilities without carrying leasehold liabilities of their former facilities with us.

Central Florida commercial real estate has historically been in a state of rapid flux. Our physical presence “on the street” gives us knowledge that often times would be hard to acquire from a remote office. We are frequently informed of opportunities prior to such offerings being made available to the public.

Our being vertically integrated into development and construction gives us an in depth insight of value and costs when representing a building or tenant / buyer. From surveys to building inspections, remediation, and direct dealing with every construction trade, we are able to provide very competitive and comprehensive representation to both building owners and tenants/ buyers. Furthermore, we keep an updated lender contact database and are well versed with the very latest capital markets’ conditions. We are highly experienced in recommending the ideal lender to finance each property in which we broker; this is offered pro-bono. 

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